We can just repair to factory specs or build a fully built engine, with upgraded pistons, billet rods, push rods, valves, injectors, turbo, fuel systems and air flow. We can keep factory spec with better parts or build a custom 1,000 hp daily driver.

Probably without a doubt the strongest diesel motor on the market or out on the road. The 5.9 Cummins engine is designed to handle the maximum payload as big trucks as well as the medium duty trucks driven daily. Being only a 6 cylinder inline in an early 12 valve and 24 valve version, maintenance and labor is at a minimum due to excessive space under the hood.

Although these engines can fail in minutes with out warning, if a injector is over fueling it can wash out a cylinder with in minutes on hours. If you see white smoke, stop driving and get checked out asap.

Transmissions on these trucks are lucky to hold up to the factory power but when built right can be down right beast.

Lift pumps seem to be a constant problem with the fueling system. Our recommendation is using the FASS Fueling System to create a better and cleaner fueling system. Keeping a better system that gets debre and water out of the lift pump is always better. Plus fewer maintenance and filter changes create a lower cost to your pocket.


When talking about the fuel system there is the aspect of the injectors. They get gummed up and dirty over time and result in failure or even stuck open and creating a runaway truck. Upgrading your injectors or even replacing them can give you the ease of mind when driving your truck. It is imperative that your fuel system be free of contaminants when deciding to build or even keep your Dodge truck free of issues.

5.9 engine


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found Dallas Diesel on line and had my 2005 ford excursion 6.0 towed there for free to have my water cooler and oil cooler replaced and kevin and his crew did an outstanding job also the price was alot better then ford and the work was great. I stay almost...

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