The 6.7 PowerStroke nicknamed the “Scorpion” was the predecessor to the 6.4. Now only going back to the single turbo, as the 6.4 had the “Twin Turbo”. This being the first diesel engine designed and built by Ford, still using the EGR and DPF systems to keep emissions down due to federal regulations. So, like the earlier 6.4, these systems have issues.


The factory fuel systems have issues as well problems maintaining the filtration’s system. Water gets into the lift pump, getting into the injectors and then damaging the components that the water  reaches. Resulting in replacing the pump as well as the injectors to avoid stuck open injectors.

What we do at Dallas Diesel Performance is that you replace your factory system and use an aftermarket unit made by FASS Fueling Systems. It is a reliable and dependable source for fueling your 6.7 PowerStroke engine. With very low maintenance, you will make your money back with the fewer filter changes, and the system is worth the piece of mind.


With the same EGR cooler problems as the 6.4 before, there are a lot of complications resulting in extreme engine destruction or failure, by pouring coolant into the engine, on top of cylinders and throughout the components internally, creating a thick white smoke out of the tail pipe. When this happens it is time for it to be gone over and parts replaced.



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found Dallas Diesel on line and had my 2005 ford excursion 6.0 towed there for free to have my water cooler and oil cooler replaced and kevin and his crew did an outstanding job also the price was alot better then ford and the work was great. I stay almost...

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